COVID-19 Update

17th March 2022

Life has returned to normal now for us, i hope it has for you. These last two years have been challenging but our business has survived and we have good stocks of benches to sell.

You may have noticed that the prices of our benches have risen, this is due to an eight fold increase in the cost of shipping the benches from Thailand, Vietnam, Bolivia and Indonesia as well as increases in shipping costs within the UK. We are also having to hold a larger stock because delays in production and shipping. Our supplier costs have risen and the pound buys less today against the US dollar in which we mostly trade.

Our delivery prices within the UK have also increased, it is still below the actual cost of getting the assembled bench to you, but we feel that subsidising the  personal delivery service we offer doesn't make business sense.

We are now allowing customers to come to the office to place their orders in person, but this is by appointment Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays only.

We have decided not open our show garden, with the full range of benches available, we have found that this is not necessary in this online world. We will always have our Warwick 5ft bench available to see as well as the Britannia 6ft in the churchyard opposite. Again visiting by appointment Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays.