Oak from Poland

The timber comes from european ecologically supervised forests. We support sustainable wood management by using fallen oak branches. All products are made from solid oak harvested from Polish certified sustainable forests. Oak is a hardwood tree found all over the world. It produces a beautiful and strong wood. Because of oak wood's natural properties, a little bit of care can make the wood last for years without losing its beauty. The highest quality timber is selected and acquired from Polish forests under strictly regulated conditions. Whenever possible, we use fallen pieces of oak wood, which would otherwise be either chopped or burnt. This is a time consuming and expensive process but it allows us not only to manufacture unique products, but also to work in harmony with the environment.

The oak wood is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack with an expected lifespan of 10 years. 

As part of weathering process, cracks and splits may appear, but this will not affect the strength of the item.

We recommend the use of Sadolin Classic annually.