The Royal Sussex Regiment insignia carved on memorial bench
Logo carved onto memorial bench
London Ambulance Service crest carved onto memorial bench
Leicestershire regiment insignia carved onto memorial bench

Logo carving to wood

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We can carve logos on the bench you are purchasing from us. These logos can be Insignia, Crests, Emblems or an company logo. We have an extensive portfolio of logo projects which are accessible through the Menu > Inspiration.

A crest a formal design that is used by a family, town, organization, etc. as the symbol that represents them. Our project portfolio of benches with wood carved Crests can be seen here.

An insignia is an object or mark which shows that a person belongs to a particular organization or has a particular rank. It has been an honour to work with families and friends of our military and supply a memorial bench for their hero. We have been able to source original artwork for the carving enabling us to give you the very best result. Our project portfolio of benches with wood carved Insignia can be seen here.

An emblem is something such as a picture which is a symbol for a particular person, organization, group, or idea. We use emblem in our portfolio for political or national symbols. Examples can be seen here

A logo is a design or symbol used by a company to advertise its products. We have done a number of projects for organizations who want their logo engraved on the bench, see some examples here.

We need the artwork in digital form to be able to carve the logo. We need a vector file to import into our design software. We can receive the file as Adobe Illustrator .ai, Autocad DXF .dxf, Vector PDF, EPS. Normally you would source the file for us, sometimes we can get it for you as is the case for the Military and Football Clubs. We require the written permission of the copyright/trademark/design owner to be able to carve it into one of our benches, normally this is not a problem but it can take time.

Once we have opened the artwork in our design software we will be able to give you a price for the logo carving. The price depends on the design time, machining time, number of engraving bit changes, if we have done the logo before. Normally we can price as simple, moderate or complex. 

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