Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood
Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood

Lilly Memorial Bench 5ft in softwood

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3 person

size nominal



Kiln dried Pine

FSC certified





Fixed with Flat head hex/allen 
furniture connector coach bolts and screws

wood lamination

Not allowed

engraving to slats

1 line only per slat

line 1 max. characters




The "Lilly" bench is a really comfortable bench at a great price. This is a lightweight bench made from treated FSC certified Pine wood.

The seat/back slats run side to side in the traditional manner. The whole seat is curved from the seat to the back rest.

The FSC Certified Pine is kiln-dried and pre-treated to Category 3 giving it an expected 10 year life span. It is a good idea to apply a protector or sealant yearly to further increase its life.

The Lilly does not have any wood lamination, all components are cut from a single sawn log. Lamination can look unsightly and there is always the risk of the joint coming apart, its best to buy benches without lamination if your budget allows.

The main bench assemblies are fixed with flat head hex/allen furniture connector bolts and screws.

When you receive the bench, it will be fully assembled.

Assembled dimensions (MM):
Height: 840
Width: 1500
Depth: 750
Slat: 70x32
Frame: 40
Weight: 25kg (variations are possible due to moisture content of wood)

We have created a portfolio of bench projects which can be browsed using the Inspiration menu. Alternatively, you can explore the complete portfolio here, or portfolio of the Lilly bench here.

We offer 2 assembled delivery options during checkout:

  • Standard delivery, within 21 days, see details here.
  • Express delivery, from 5 days dependent on your location, see details here.

The Lilly range is made of kiln dried pine. The benches have been pre-treated to category 3 to protect against rot and insect attack for a minimum of 10 years.
Solution used for treatment has an initial green colour. The intensity of the green colour increases with the content of resin in timber. Green spots indicate good quality of wood. Upon external exposure the green colour slowly weathers to a warm brown colour and in the longer term weathers to a silver grey colour. This does not affect the performance of the preservative.
To minimise twisting and warping all benches should only be used on firm level ground.
Softwood is a natural material which can twist and split during periods of wet / dry, hot / cold weather. If cracks do appear it is a natural occurrence and not a fault with the product or material. The best way to treat this is to use a cloth and rub a little PVA wood glue into the crack and once dry sand the area lightly. This will not affect the treatment of the product.


This bench can accommodate 1 line of engraving on each slat. The maximum number of carved letters is 50 characters per line (including spaces).

The V carved letters are typically 0.2inch/6mm  deep, depending on the font type and size. This depth of carving takes a lot of machining time but the result is an inscription which is crisp, clear and readable

Choose how many lines of engraving you require, then type the inscription above the "Add to cart" button. Finally, select your font type from the drop down list and add it to cart. 

We offer free design proof, please choose this option if you require one. 

We aim to make the letters as large as possible, for example if you choose one line instead of three, then the letter height is likely to be larger.

Additional services can be purchased for our benches: 


  • Treatments for cleaning, changing colour and preserving not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Anchors for securing to different ground surfaces, not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Covers to protect bench from the weather, not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Brass and laminate plaques not included, but can be ordered here in addition to or instead of a wood carved inscription.
  • Outdoor cushions to add a bit of extra comfort are not included, but can be purchased here.