Rustic Memorial Swing Seat 4ft in Oak wood
Rustic Memorial Swing Seat 4ft in Oak wood
Rustic Memorial Swing Seat 4ft in Oak wood
Rustic Memorial Swing Seat 4ft in Oak wood

Rustic Memorial Swing Seat 4ft in Oak wood

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2 person

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FSC certified



No, optional extra £100


Coach bolts and screws

Wood lamination

not allowed

Engraving to top rail

1, 2 or 3 lines

Line 1 max. characters


Line 2 max. characters


Line 3 max. characters


Engraving to middle rail

1 or 2 lines

Line 1 max. characters


Line 2 max. characters


Weight (bench)



Our country style rustic garden bench is designed to show the natural beauty of the oak wood. It have as unpretentious charm being handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Our skilled craftsmen aim to turn oak trunks and branches into elegant and quality benches. By studying each piece of wood they decide the ideal location for each part. The idea is not to superimpose a design onto the wood but work with it and alter is as little as possible. 

Most of the work from removing bark through to assembly and finishing is done by hand.

Height: ?cm
Depth: 66cm
Width: 120cm
Seat height: adjustable
Weight: 25kg

Height: 190cm
Depth: 150cm
Total width: 220cm

We have created a portfolio of bench projects which can be browsed using the Inspiration menu. Alternatively, you can explore the complete portfolio here, or portfolio of the Rustic bench here

We offer 1 delivery options during checkout, check in Summary above to see if in stock:

  • Mainland England and Wales delivery, within 21 days, see details here.

The Rustic bench in Oak wood originates from natural forests in Poland, Europe, find out more here.

This bench can accommodate 3 lines of 1 inch high engraving on the top rail. The middle rail can also take 2 lines of 1 inch high engraving. The maximum number of carved letters is 40 characters on each line (including spaces).

The V carved letters are typically 0.3inch/8mm deep, depending on the font type and size. This depth of carving takes a lot of machining time but the result is an inscription which is crisp, clear and readable.

The engraved rails are lightly sanded and then painted with Sadolin Classic so the carved letters are stained the same colour.

The top rail is wide and ideal for extra personalisation.

Choose how many lines of engraving you require, then type the inscription above the "Add to cart" button. Finally, select your font type from the drop down list and add it to cart. 

We offer free design proof, please choose this option if you require one. 

We aim to make the letters as large as possible, for example if you choose one line instead of three, then the letter height is likely to be larger.

You can further personalise your bench by adding the following: 

  • 2d clipart carving to wood, 
  • 3d clipart carving to wood, 
  • photo carving to wood,  
  • logo carving to wood. 

Oak benches kept outside requires maintenance at least once a year: dry the furniture thoroughly, clean it and work on it with sand paper (grit 100-200) before applying Sadolin Classic, "Polish" colour number 88. We recommend you purchase it here with your bench, so you have it ready to hand.

Additional services can be purchased for our swing seats: 

Please note that assembly and installation are separate services.


  • Treatments for cleaning, changing colour and preserving not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Anchors for securing to different ground surfaces, not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Brass and laminate plaques not included, but can be ordered here in addition to or instead of a wood carved inscription.