Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood
Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood
Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood
Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood
Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood
Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood
Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood

Scarborough Memorial Bench 5ft In teak wood

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3 person

size nominal



Indonesian V-legal teak

FSC certified





mortise and tenon, dowels

wood lamination

not allowed

engraving to back rest top rail

1 line only

line 1 max. characters


engraving to back rest bottom rail

1 line only

line 1 max. characters




The Scarborough is a comfortable bench with contoured seat and contoured/angled backrest.

Weighing in at 30kg this is a middleweight bench made from teak wood giving strength and durability.

The seat slats run front to back resulting in a pleasing look from the continuous line from seat to back rest. Engraving is possible only on the backrest top and bottom rails, not on any part of the seat component.

The bench is made of Indonesian V-legal teakwood providing you with a long lasting, stable, strong but "soft to the touch" bench sourced using responsible plantation forestry management. Teak doesn't need to be treated, it ages beautifully to a silver colour

The arms are shaped on the top face, this combined with the softness of the teak, often results in an irresistible urge to stroke the arms.

The Scarborough doesn't have any wood lamination. Lamination is used in the industry to reduce costs, it involves glueing pieces of wood together. Lamination is often seen on the back leg where there is an angle (finger joint) , on seat slats and the top/seat rails. We have seen examples of wood delaminating over time and recommend you avoid it if your budget allows.

The bench is manufactured in 4 parts (components), backrest, seat and pair of arms. Mortise and tenon joints combined with dowels and used to assemble the bench before handing over to you.

The quality of the teak is good, with a golden colour and good density. This bench is manufactured in smaller facilities than our other benches made in large highly mechanized factories Thailand and Vietnam. The result is a bench with a more "handmade" look will lower machining standards, but at a lower price.

When you receive the bench, it will be fully assembled.


  • Length: 150cm
  • Height: 93cm
  • Seat Height: 45.5cm
  • Seat Depth: 50.8cm
  • Leg to leg depth: 54cm
  • Full depth: 64cm
  • Leg profile: 49x49mm
  • Top rail: 70x28mm
  • Bottom rail: 50x28mm
  • Back slats: 39x13mm
  • Seat frame: 60x30mm
  • Seat slats: 39x17mm
  • Seat slat front/back: 50x36mm
  • Arm: 49x59mm
  • Bench backrest, top rail width: 7cm, flat engraving width 6cm
  • Bench backrest, bottom rail width: 5cm, flat engraving width 4cm
  • Weight: 30kg

We have created a portfolio of bench projects which can be browsed using the Inspiration menu. Alternatively, you can explore the complete portfolio here, or portfolio of the Scarborough bench here

We offer 2 assembled delivery options during checkout:

  • Standard delivery, within 21 days, see details here.
  • Express delivery, from 5 days dependent on your location, see details here.

The Scarborough 4ft bench teak wood originates from plantation forest in Indonesia , find out more here.

This bench can accommodate 1 line of engraving on the back rest top rail. The maximum number of carved letters is 55 characters (including spaces). The back rest bottom rail can accommodate 1 line of engraving. The V carved letters are typically 0.3inch/8mm deep, depending on the font type and size. This depth of carving takes a lot of machining time but the result is an inscription which is crisp, clear and readable.

Choose whether you want engraving to top rail or bottom rail or both, then type the inscription above the "Add to cart" button. Finally, select your font type from the drop down list and add it to cart. 

We offer free design proof, please choose this option if you require one. 

We aim to make the letters as large as possible, for example if you choose less letters the letter height is likely to be larger.

You can further personalise your bench by adding the following: 

  • 2d clipart carving to wood, 
  • logo carving to wood. 

Additional services can be purchased for our benches: 


  • Treatments for cleaning, changing colour and preserving not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Anchors for securing to different ground surfaces, not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Covers to protect bench from the weather, not included, but available to purchase here.
  • Brass and laminate plaques not included, but can be ordered here in addition to or instead of a wood carved inscription.
  • Outdoor cushions to add a bit of extra comfort are not included, but can be purchased here.